A Community Vision with an Equity Focus

Who is Equity Matters?

Equity Matters is a coalition of Indigenous, newcomer/racialized, and community-based groups who believe that, in order to improve educational outcomes for all students, a Provincial Education Equity Secretariat within the provincial government and Education Equity Offices within local school districts must be established. To date, over 80 groups have endorsed the Education Equity Office Campaign.

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What is an education equity office?

A modern public school system should have an explicit equity focus to impact policy, administrative action, de-colonization and anti-racism instructional practice, workforce representation, and professional development to support high educational achievement for all students.

An Educational Equity Office provides the public school system with an organizational structure to address issues of colonialism and systemic racism on an on-going and proactive basis.

A key focus of an Educational Equity Office is to provide an integrated approach to address issues of student equity and employment equity. It promotes the development of capacity within the public school system to use equity data and measurements to enhance accountability and to drive equity initiatives for students, parents and employees.
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